The situation: the absence of French gastronomy in the Australian catering offer

A distortion between the reputation and the access to French gastronomy in Australia

The idea of creating a chain of French restaurants in Australia comes from a simple observation. In Australia, gastronomy and French cuisine are omnipresent in the media, especially on prime-time television. But despite its reputation it is difficult to access meals or French specialties. Indeed, in Australia the French catering offer is limited to gourmet restaurants located mainly in capital cities offering expensive conditions and menus. Thus French cuisine, although reputed, can appear as elitist, even arrogant, and expensive.

making the French gastronomy  accessible

Incorporating the French cuisine to the Australian catering offer

From the observation of the near absence of French cuisine in the Australian restaurant offering, Jean-Marie Bos developed the J’M® concept. Indeed, in a multicultural country like Australia where you can access restaurants offering meals and specialties from all around the world, with in addition the omnipresence of fast food and pizza chains, it is time to integrate an accessible French restaurant offer.

making the French gastronomy  accessible