J’M® Invest in an ambitious project and promote the French gastronomy

J’M® is an ambitious project willing to create a chain of French restaurants in Australia.  Whether you are a seasoned investor or a private investor, it is difficult to find investment ideas or innovative projects. Knowing where to invest is the challenge. J’M® aims to create a franchise network of French restaurants in Australia. Indeed, we have identified an opportunity in the buoyant market of catering out of home in Australia.

Developing a franchise network of French restaurants in Australia

Developing a franchise network of French restaurants in Australia

Franchising is the fastest and most effective way to quickly develop and disseminate a concept in a territory, a extended catchment area extended like Australia. Franchise is a mode of development widely used in Australia. indeed franchising is widely used in the field of catering in Australia: fast food franchises, pizza franchises, and other food franchises are numerous and widely distributed in the territory. Franchise Business is one of the most popular and successful business creation methods in Australia. Franchise restaurants and fast food franchises of all types, offer dishes and menus from diverse origins such as Asian cuisines, South American cuisines, and North American fast food.


J’M® : Making French cuisine accessible in Australia

The J’M® project is to establish in Australia a chain of French restaurants for everybody, everyday, serving out affordable, tasty and healthy meals.

The J’M® concept sparked from the meeting between a man, Jean-Marie Bos, and a country, Australia and its culture.